Seven Shocking Facts About Travel this year

Seven Shocking Facts About Travel this year

Greetings from quickvisatoday! We are here to make sure you receive the most recent and accurate information on the travel industry. The way people travel has seen some stunning changes in the past year, whether as a result of technology, safety precautions, or just new places. We’ll be looking at seven of the most alarming travel-related statistics in this blog article. You won’t want to miss what we have to say about anything from the growth of virtual travel to the evolving nature of safety standards. So let’s get started and investigate the seven startling statistics concerning travel this year!

  • 2020 is nearly over? That’s hard to comprehend! Even if we may not want to reflect on the previous year, the effect that the worldwide epidemic has had on travel cannot be ignored. Travel in 2020 has changed significantly, from canceled flights to blocked borders and required quarantines.
    We at QuickVisaToday decided to reflect back on the year and find some of the most startling travel-related statistics. You should be aware of these seven startling truths concerning travel this year.

1. In 2020, fewer people traveled abroad than in any other year over the previous ten years.

International travel dropped by 74% in the first half of 2020 compared to the same time in 2019, a catastrophic impact of the epidemic on the tourism sector.

2. A significant change was made in favor of domestic travel.

Many people opted to spend holidays closer to home this year since foreign travel was so constrained. In 2020, domestic travel grew significantly, with the US alone experiencing an expected 34% surge.

3. There was a sharp decline in air travel.

With an expected 1.8 billion fewer passengers than in 2019, the number of passengers on the world’s airlines dropped by an astounding 70%.

4. There were hardly any cruises.
One of the sectors most severely impacted by the epidemic was the cruise industry, with sailings all but ceased in 2020. Revenue for cruise operators fell 95% across the board.

5. In 2020, driving was the preferred means of transportation.

Given the limitations on air travel, road journeys became the preferred means of transportation in 2020. While domestic road trips increased by 40% in the UK, car rental businesses reported a 110% rise in rentals in the US.

6. Travel preferences have significantly changed as a result of the epidemic.

Due to a preference for domestic travel, traditionally well-liked places like Spain, Italy, and the US suffered dramatic reductions in tourism this year. On the other side, domestic travel to places like Australia, New Zealand, and Canada increased as more travelers choose to travel within their own country.

7. Travel restrictions were subject to frequent change.

The frequent shifting of regulations was one of the most difficult parts of travel in 2020. In order to guarantee that their journeys were successful, travelers had to remain current with the most recent information due to the yearly introduction of new travel rules and restrictions.

  • That concludes our collection of startling travel statistics for 2020. Have you heard of any of these? Tell us in the comments section below!
  • Although we at QuickVisaToday recognize that travel may look a little different this year, we are still devoted to assisting you in organizing your ideal vacation. To begin planning your next journey, get in touch with us today!

Overall, it is obvious that the pandemic has caused significant changes in the tourism business this year. It is clear that travel has changed significantly throughout the years and will probably continue to do so. Travel is nevertheless made feasible by the travel business, despite the difficulties. Looking ahead as the globe, hopefully, quickly recovers from the pandemic



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