10 Explanation On Why Fitness 2023 Is Important.

10 Explanation On Why Fitness 2023 Is Important.

10 Explanation On Why Fitness 2023 Is Important.


The time has come to make your resolutions and goals! As a fitness enthusiast, it’s
quite difficult for me to stick to a workout schedule without the motivation! I am always
trying to find ways to motivate myself while working out which definitely results in an
increase in my workouts every day. There have been many challenges that I’ve faced along
this journey including facing burnout, losing focus, getting injured during training
time and other side effects from all activities. Now I would like to share with you 10
essential reasons why health is important. Please do read till the end because there
are few points mentioned below where you should definitely take action now.


1)  Our bodies were made to withstand physical activity. Since ancient times, our bodies have had countless periods of stress, exercise and intense efforts. As we age, our body gets less resistant to hard work, as our muscles get older and we develop aches and pains. These factors will increase the risk of injuries and other medical problems that will reduce our strength and increase the chance of being out of shape.

2)  Exercise can enhance your mood after a stressful or bad situation. It gives you a sense of accomplishment and power. However, exercises such as running, walking and other high energy sports are not recommended for people who suffer from depression. Regular weight-training and aerobic exercises can help promote good mental health. The more frequent you exercise, the better the feeling will be! Exercise improves your overall health and well-being, reduces your risk of disease and helps you maintain a healthy weight. By increasing your physical activity, you will also increase your energy levels and build strong muscle.

3)  A normal heart rate equates to a healthy heartbeat. Normal heart rhythms, however, vary between individuals, depending on genetics, age, altitude and sex in addition to any medications we may be taking. Exercises can improve heart function by allowing our hearts to relax, giving it a little push when needed and then pushing it back down. For example, brisk walking or jogging for 15 minutes after eating a bowl of fruit juice boosts circulation and can decrease the chances of having a heart attack. Also, some athletes perform the same exercises, alternate them, increase the intensity, keep things interesting and keep their mind fresh throughout the session to ensure they finish the whole session at least 30 minutes ahead. If your work isn’t causing any issues, keep doing what you love!

4)  Healthy Weight Loss = Stronger Muscles! Being overweight or obese greatly increases the risks of certain types of chronic diseases such as diabetes, cancer, stroke and joint problems, among others. Some common obesity symptoms include difficulty breathing, pain in the joints, headaches, low self-esteem, fatigue or lack of confidence, poor judgment, acne and increased tendency to eat too much of a particular food or drink. To lose all those extra kilos, try incorporating daily cardio exercises, resistance training in addition to proper nutrition. You need to move regularly for this to happen. Do you know how many calories you need everyday? That’s 150,000 (based on current American diet). Try adding even 15 minutes daily to a long-term plan to help boost your metabolism and get there!

5)  Keeping Active Will Help You Sleep Better! When you go to sleep, your body requires around 6 hours of rest from the food eaten, sleep, hormones, sweat, and even your breath. Although, with proper habits and exercises, these sleeping cycles can be pushed into longer times. While your muscles are preparing themselves for bedtime and your breathing deepens, your brain works overtime, keeping its processing going so you can prepare yourself for another full cycle. After you fall asleep, your body stays active while your brain keeps telling itself a new story for the next 24 hours. This constant stimulation leads to improved sleep patterns and an overall healthier lifestyle.

6)  Lack of sleep often causes us to overdo it at night and we don’t know it. So if you’re having trouble falling asleep, see your doctor first to get it under control before starting a new routine of waking up early. An average adult needs 7-8 hours of sleep each night from a combination of about 9-15 hours of uninterrupted sleep! We get distracted when staying in our minds and forget everything else around us. This means we might end up tossing and turning all night thinking about something different. Instead of spending the night feeling lethargic, try exercising in the morning and then winding down with a relaxing bath for the next hour or two followed by a glass of warm milk. Your mind starts to wander again at night, but remember, not all distractions will last forever!

7)  Inactivity causes inflammation in our bodies, making it harder to heal or recover quickly and easier to get sick. Chronic illness and disorders are becoming an increasingly significant problem worldwide. Studies demonstrate physical activity is closely associated with a lower risk of developing dementia, heart disease and osteoarthritis in both men (and women) and adolescents. Regular physical activity in childhood is an excellent way to prevent degenerative joint disease, type 2 diabetes, heart disease and several cancers later in life. Physical activity in adolescence may protect against coronary heart disease, hypertension, atherosclerosis, metabolic syndrome and premature death. It’s never too late to start taking advantage of the benefits of physical activity – both short term and lifelong positive health outcomes.

8)  Proper Nutrition Can Fight Illness & Diseases Right From Childhood! Research shows our body functions best when we eat mostly fruits and vegetables, avoid processed foods and red meats and limit sodium intake. Getting enough sleep is paramount too! We are constantly exposed to chemicals and toxins in our environment; exposure to unhealthy materials will lead to the development of various illnesses in adults. According to research, kids who ate more fruits and vegetables had fewer cases of diarrhea and allergies. They also tended to have fewer colds and flu infections than their peers in the previous year. Good nutrition starts right at home itself!

9)  Not Eating Enough Fruits and Veggies Are High Risk Factors for Cancer! Did you know 1 in 3 deaths in America is caused by cancer? The reason is probably not what you think. What if the cause of most illnesses is simply too much sugar, too few vitamins and too few nutrients? More complex than just sugar, many diseases such as cancer develop when we have imbalanced diets, high amounts of saturated fats and/or sodium. These compounds damage the DNA in our cells, which then become the source of genetic mutations that turn on cancer genes. With a balanced diet, fruits and veggies can provide us almost all the nutrients our body needs. All these nutrients help fight off disease-causing bacteria, reducing one’s chances of getting ill. Additionally, the antioxidants present give us immune support, improve the quality of our teeth which improves oral hygiene and fight against heart disease. Consuming a variety of foods will give us all the required nutrients and antioxidants to effectively combat cancer.

10)  Taking Care Of Yourself Means Protecting Others! At the end of the day, anyone can succumb to illness, accident, injury and all sorts of other obstacles. Because nobody knows what tomorrow brings, let alone how it ends. Be smart and take care of yourself! Take your own health seriously and be proactive in knowing what may trigger one or a combination of illnesses or conditions. Take daily showers, look to your doctor if anything seems strange, consult your friends and family, and keep track of your daily steps. Each and every one is beneficial on its own but the sooner we take charge, the better. Doing everything possible to stay safe, healthy and healthy is the key to protecting ourselves when something goes wrong!

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